Interior Design studio in Dubai

Exclusive house interior design

Whether you are the owner of small or quite spacious house or a cottage, you want your house design correspond to your personal tastes and preferences. At the same time, there are different requirements for house design interior, which cannot be ignored in any way. This is exactly what our team will do – we create an exclusive interior design that fully complies with all the rules of ergonomics and functionality, and at the same time reflects the client’s idea of ​​cozy and comfortable housing.

Components of house design project

Any internal design of house contains a certain set of documents selected in accordance with the client’s request:

  • Layout plan;
  • Lighting layout;
  • Furniture design;
  • Floor plan;
  • Ceiling plan;
  • 3D visualization.

When creating modern house design, you need to combine functionality, aesthetics and quality as harmoniously as possible. Our studio has been providing services for the development of exclusive design projects for private houses for many years. Each created interior is the work of a large creative team, which, in the course of close cooperation with the client, always finds exactly that design decision that will become the embodiment of the individuality of its owner.

House design photos

It is impossible to create functional and harmonious interior without studying house design images. It should be mentioned, that in our days modern interiors are more preferable, and our clients most often choose this style. In addition, contemporary design is one of the main activities of our company.