Interior Design studio in Dubai

Modern residential interior design

Our design studio is to be among the residential interior design companies in Dubai providing comfortable high-quality interiors. Starting the process of design development, the owner need to understand some important things. First, what will be the function of each room in the house; second, how many people will live in it; third, what are personal preferences of each person of the family regarding color scheme, materials, styles, and so on.

Our studio provides modern residential design in different directions:

  • Room design;
  • House design;
  • Villa design;
  • Flat design;
  • Apartment design;
  • Penthouse design.

It is a true art to create comfortable and cozy residential interior, because it’s necessary to fulfill different tasks simultaneously and the right balance between comfort and beauty should be found.

Residential interior design projects

Any residential interior design project is a set of different documents:

  1. Drawings and schemes;
  2. Ceiling and floor plan;
  3. Furniture layout;
  4. Material selection;
  5. 3D visuals.

If desired, a client can optionally choose which documents is needed, but ordering a full project unconditionally is much more preferable.